This is a guest post by Wesley of Gun Goals.

When you’re put into a survival scenario, things like money are the least of your worries and should fall very low on any priority list and maybe not even make that list at all. Your outlook on what is important completely changes and items you need for survival are worth more than gold.

What Becomes Important?

The first thing that will be important are your core needs which are food and shelter. Canned foods, non-perishables, and bottled water will be the first things to stock up on or search for. Your next priority should be shelter and a safe place to sleep.

Depending on your environment this could be as easy as searching for an empty building or you may be forced to build your own. Either way, getting this established as early as possible is very important.

Once you have these things sorted your top priority becomes guns and ammo. Guns are worth more than anything during survival. They provide protection, allow you to hunt, and keep you in control of the situation.

While on your list of important items these should be considered luxury items. This will be things like toilet paper, hygiene products, and quality of life items. They’re important but it’s more important to establish your basic needs, shelter, and protection first.

Here’s Why Guns are the Currency of Survival

The more guns and ammo you can acquire during a survival situation the better. They’re worth more than any dollar amount and we’re going to explain why.

Used for Hunting – You’re only going to be able to scavenge for canned food so much. If you’re able to compensate some of your stored food with real meat you’re going to survive a lot longer and hopefully be able to make it out of your situation.

Protection – Probably the most obvious thing that makes a firearm important is its ability to protect you. The person holding the gun is typically the one in charge. It’s a great equalizer when faced with different sized threats because a gun makes a smaller person the same size of a 6’5 body builder. It should however, be used to protect yourself and the ones around you from threats. Not only is this the best route to take for obvious reasons but if you’re the person going out causing trouble you’re more likely to lose your own firearms, you’ll use more ammo, and people will want to remove you from your position of power. So, use your guns for good!

Confidence – During survival its more difficult to do nearly everything. You don’t really know what to expect and you’re placed out of your element. Being equipped with a gun gives you a boost of confidence to get the job done and a pep in your step that’s going to help you make it through.

The More the Merrier – Just like real currency the more you have the better. It’ll be the same way with guns during a survival event. The more overall firepower you have the stronger your group becomes and the more control you have. If you run into an encounter where you’re outnumbered in firepower you’ve lost so always make sure you have more.

Trading for Items – Since guns, ammo, and even accessories like rifle scopes becomes high priority you can use them to trade for other items if needed. Trade ammo for food, toilet paper, or almost anything because it will be one of the most valuable items.


I hope you enjoyed this article on the currency of firearms during survival events. If you’re ever faced with a survival situation, I want you to be prepared and have some basic knowledge of how to survive and what to prioritize.

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