My name is Ron, I live just a couple of hours east of Seattle, Washington. The area is prone to heavy snow, wild fires and earthquakes. I’ve been into preparedness and survival all my life, done countless survival hikes. Recently, I went on to work on the Beyond Survival Gear website where I review survival gear for you guys.

Emergencies, natural and human-made disasters are inevitable. There’s a huge chance that something like this will happen to you or someone you know in the following couple of years. Be prepared, but don’t get crazy about it. I hope I can help you strike a balance between being ready to bug out when necessary, be prepared to survive and sustain yourself in the wild, and spending thousands of dollars on useless but well advertised crap. There are literally thousands of absolutely useless objects that will not help you survive, but will slow you down and get you even deeper in trouble.

If you learn even just one thing when you leave this site, my mission is accomplished and I’m happy. If at some point any advice from my reviews saves your life or even just saves you some money, I’m happy. See, I’m a happy person, just wanting to be and stay prepared.

I do make a buck here and there by providing you with links to the best products available through Amazon’s Associates program. So if you ever buy something I’ve recommended, I may get a commission, let’s be clear on that. Let me also be clear, that I will never recommend you something that’s not absolutely essential or critical or just amazing. In short, no bull here.

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Don’t hesitate to hit me with questions and review requests. I’m open to constructive criticism. I’m happy to fix any errors I may have made in my reviews. Use this form or just shoot me an email at [email protected].

Stay safe and be prepared!