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Eton Weather Radio
Eton Weather Radio


Living in a world that’s susceptible to natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, preparedness is a necessity when combating the fear of the unknown. The Eton Glow-In-The-Dark Emergency Radio — Eton ARCFRX3+WXR — is a product that provides just that – preparedness. With key features including AM/FM radio access, embedded LED flashlight, and a charging apparatus, Eton provides a one-stop source for your emergency kit needs. Given its ability to offer a multitude of resources in the wake of a power outage, the Eton emergency survival gear is a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars product.

Pros vs. Cons

Not surprisingly, the Eton Radio embodies fantastic traits that result in a skewed pro/con list, with the downsides paling in comparison to the positive features. Of its many useful attributes, below are some of the most notable:

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Charging port
  • Longevity (some customers had thier Etons for 10 years!)
  • Great sound quality
  • Compact

On the other end of the spectrum are those features that didn’t hit the mark. This brief list of cons include:

  • Poor brightness level
  • Small display screen
  • Short battery life

Key Features

With the Eton emergency survival radio, there is much more than meets the eye. At first glance, you notice the self-powering crank, a charging port, a clock, and AM/FM radio. In taking a further look, more detailed features reveal themselves. The emergency radio also includes alarm clocks, an “alert” function that provides weather updates, and all 7 NOAA/Environment Canada weather band radio broadcast. Needless to say, this product really packs a punch.

Unlike similar products on the market, the Eton’s clock is easily visible, the size is more compact, and the handle makes for convenient portability. Moreover, the Eton is far less bulky than other emergency radios, such as C Crane CCRadio 2E for example, coming in at an extremely lightweight 14.9 ounces as compared to other 5.4 pound radios.


Staying up to date

In a state of emergency, having outside resources keeping you up to date is imperative in knowing what necessary actions to take. Whether it be a mandatory evacuation notice or an issue of a tornado watch, those vulnerable to harsh weather conditions can stay in the know thanks to the radio feature and emergency update alerts the Eton provides. A combination of the quality reception and broad range of stations makes Eton a reliable source when making updates a priority.

Navigating through a dimly lit home

As if power outages aren’t startling enough, having to halt all activity can prove to be a major inconvenience. Eton’s flashlight feature promises that your daily routines can still carry on even without conventional lighting. Normalcy is a reassuring quality during hurricane season when outages are highly anticipated. Rest assured knowing your night time reading and preparation of dinner can still pan out even without electricity.

Phone charging capabilities

During disaster-stricken times, it is of the utmost importance that you remain in contact with loved ones. Eton’s emergency radio offers a phone charging port that is compatible with all iPhone’s. For those times when staying in touch with relatives is crucial, Eton is a saving grace.


Eton’s survival radio has proven to be a staple during times of emergency, which makes its compact size great for taking the radio on the go. If evacuation is a must, simply packing the Eton radio along with your other essentials is no bother at all.

Self-powered crank

Not having to rely on a battery powered device can really ease the worry of your radio never running out of juice. With the crank, the duration of the radio’s life is entirely in your hands.


When accounting for all of the features the Eton radio offers, it’s incredible the price point that it stands at. For a very reasonable price, you’re guaranteed a source for all things crucial during a state of emergency. You can’t put a price on keeping you and your family safe, and with Eton, you can have a safety outlet without breaking the bank.

How Does It Compare? Is it the best emergency radio?

While Eton certainly isn’t the only emergency radio on the market, those that have similar features to Eton have very noticeable differences and cater to a different kind of audience. The Kaito Voyager Pro, for example, is also a wind up styled AM/FM radio. However, it’s far larger than the Eton and is priced a bit higher. Those that frequent the Kaito Voyager Pro are likely to use it for camping or traveling scenarios given its thermometer that tracks humidity levels.

Another similar product is the mentioned earlier C. Crane CCRadio that offers nearly all AM/FM radio stations. This specific radio probably caters to those who live in extremely remote places i.e. Alaska and need access to a larger scale of radio stations. It’s also priced in the triple digits, so if the price is a deal breaker for you, the C. Crane CCRadio likely won’t land in your shopping cart.

The Kaimeda is yet another emergency radio, but unlike the Eton, the Kaimeda offers only AM/FM stations and does not allow for a phone to be charged. Elders who tend to get lost in the intricacies of technology will definitely gravitate towards this product as it offers a “less is more” quality. However, it doesn’t provide those with the necessary survival gear to ride out a terrible storm.

Of all the radios that come close to the Eton emergency radio, the Esky Solar Weather Radio ranks as having the most similarities. Both products are designed to be a safe haven for those in need, but what the Esky lacks that the Eton doesn’t is reliability. Many have expressed difficulty in getting their radio to hold a charge, here’s just one example. In fact, one disgruntled customer announced she would be purchasing the Eton because the Esky’s radio wouldn’t connect to any stations; it’s hard to evaluate this claim, of course, but it’s certainly something to have in mind.

The Eton has consistently upheld the needs of its customers and is arguably the best emergency radio. It’s approval ratings have landed it in the 4-star customer satisfaction zone which speaks greatly to its capabilities.