Whether you’re lost in the woods or the world is coming to an end, the right supplies can make the difference between life and death. One way to carry some of the most important supplies for survival with you anywhere you go is with a survival bracelet. These bracelets are woven paracord that can be unwound when needed, but some often include a variety of other useful features such as flint, a compass, or even fishing hooks. Let’s take a look at what makes one of these bracelets worth the money, and then we’ll look at the following options and how they stack up:

Why is a Paracord Important?

Many people don’t realize just how essential having some simple rope on hand can be. In a survival situation, paracord has a practically infinite number of uses that could get you out of trouble.

  • First Aid
    If someone is hurt there are a number of ways that a simple length of paracord could be helpful. If someone has broken a leg you can use the paracord to fashion a splint to help stabilize and support the damaged bones. You can then move the injured person by making a stretcher. The cord can also be used as a tourniquet if someone is bleeding out or if more extensive surgical work needs to be done.
  • Rescue Line
    When someone is being swept away by a current or is sinking into sand every second can be the deciding factor in that person’s survival. Instead of fumbling around looking for something to reach for them with like a branch, and hoping that it’s strong enough to pull the person in, unwind the bracelet and cast the rope to them. This can make an excellent rescue tool should the need arise.
  • Shelter
    Most people are familiar with the most basic kind of survival shelter, the lean-to. Lean-to style shelters are popular with survivalists for two reasons, they work effectively, and they’re simple to make. You only need 3 things; branches, something to cover the branches like a tarp or leaves, and something to hold it all together. Paracord can serve as a way to ensure any shelter you construct has something to hold it all together. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time in windier areas. HOW-TO VIDEO: building a simple lean-to shelter.
  • Hunting and Fishing
    If you find yourself left to your own devices in the wilderness or unable to get food, then knowing how to gather food is essential. Paracord provides you with an easy way to fashion a bow with only the rope and a sturdy branch. You can also use some of the rope to make a fishing line. Some bracelets even come with fishing hooks in the clasp, which may be an option worth looking into if you spend most of your time in areas with lots of rivers or lakes.
  • Traps and Protection
    In some survival scenarios, the thing you have to fear the most is other people. Having a length of paracord on hand will allow you to fashion tripwires that can alert you to approaching intruders. You can also rig up a variety of different booby traps around your camp to catch both human and animal intruders.

Who is a Survival Bracelet Good For?

A paracord bracelet can be a lifesaving tool and is great for a variety of different people. If you’re a survivalist who loves spending time camping but wants to be prepared for a camping outing gone wrong, the practicality of having rope should be immediately obvious to you. If you are an avid everyday carrier then one of these bracelets can add a lot to your normal daily loadout. Even if you’re what other people would call a prepper or survivalist, and your aim is to be prepared for any potentially disruptive event, having paracord could make all the difference. In an emergency, you often don’t know whether you’ll be on your own for days, weeks, or possibly more. Having the right supplies on hand is essential, and you should probably already have some rope in your bugout bag.

What to Look for in a Good Survival Bracelet

Paracord bracelets come in a variety of styles ranging from basic to elaborate. The most basic options only come with a plastic clasp and the paracord itself, making these perfect for those aiming to keep it simple and lightweight. If you’re looking for a little something more some paracord bracelets come with flint, steel, a compass, a small blade, or even fishing hooks! Let’s take a look at some of the best options out there.

The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet by LAST MAN Survival Gear

This kit is a great option for someone looking for a feature-packed paracord bracelet. The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet gives you the option of having a clasp with a compass or without and comes in two sizes with 9 color options. It also comes with a whole host of features including flint, a piece of steel to strike with, 2 fishing hooks and lures, as well as a length of fishing line. All of these features do drive the cost up though and make this one of the most expensive options out there. But from the overall price/value standpoint, this is by far the most comprehensive option for under 30 dollars.


  • Tons of Features
  • Optional Compass
  • Multiple Sizes and Styles


  • Bulkier
  • Not Very Inconspicuous
  • More Expensive

12-in-1 Parachute Rope Bracelet By RnS STAR

Our second paracord bracelet is also laden with tools and add-ons. In fact, 12-in-1 Parachute Rope Bracelet By RnS STAR comes with more features than most people may need, but I’m sure someone will appreciate the artistry of packing this many survival tools into one bracelet. This thing comes not only with a compass on the clasp but also with a thermometer and a whistle. There is also flint and steel inside of the clasp, as well as a small knife which may come in handy when trying to cut the cord into more manageable lengths. A thin piece of metal inside of the bracelet also serves as a multi-tool and has a number of applications. It can be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver, or wrench. Surprisingly enough this is one of the more affordable options on our list, even with all the features it has to offer.


  • Most Features
  • Great Deal
  • Interesting Design


  • Not Many Style to Choose From
  • Might be Bulky to Some
  • Multi-Tool Seems Flimsy

Survival Knife Bracelet by RNS Star

Some people already have in mind the things they will need in their survival equipment. If a blade is at the top of your list, and you’re looking for a way you can easily carry one with you without adding a lot of weight to your kit, then this Survival Knife Bracelet by RNS Star is a great option. This bracelet features a sizeable blade that emerges from one side of the clasp when you remove the bracelet. The drawbacks to this are that every time you take off the bracelet the blade is gliding past your wrist and fingers.SECURITY ALERT: this bracelet is not for those who travel by air often or need to go through security frequently as it may cause problems.


  • Big Blade
  • Looks Great
  • Fair Price


  • Blade Right Next to your Wrist
  • Blade Faces you When Opening
  • Can’t go on Planes or Through Security

Extra Beefy Bracelet by Friendly Swede

For those of you looking for rope and nothing more, this is an excellent choice. The bracelet is called extra beefy survival paracord bracelet and they’re not playing around. The bracelet is pretty big but comes with an incredible length of rope. The rope is also high quality compared to some of the more basic options and is certified to bear loads up to 550 pounds making it great for those in rocky areas who may need to belay cliffs or rocks. With 550 pounds of load-bearing available you can even rescue someone and belay them down on the same rope you are on. Ultimately, this bracelet is very basic which may be a benefit or downside depending on how you look at it.


  • Tons of Rope
  • High-Quality Cordage
  • Very Basic


  • Big and Bulky
  • Very Plain with Limited Styles
  • Not Many Features

TI-EDC Paracord Survival Bracelet

For the everyday carry enthusiast, sometimes it’s important for your gear to work properly but also to blend in with normal clothing. In some cases, you may even be able to find something that is not only a functional addition to your EDC kit but is also a stylish one. That’s the case with the final bracelet on out list, the TI-EDC. This thing is very nice to look at with polished stainless steel clasps and either grey or black cordage. This bracelet even goes well with formal clothes and won’t cause a fuss at security since it doesn’t have flint or a blade.


  • Very Stylish
  • Military Grade Cord
  • Simple Design


  • Only 2 Styles
  • Lacking in Features
  • Size Runs a Little Big

Wrap Up

So what have we learned? We found that almost anyone can find a use in their lives for some paracord, from seasoned hikers to EDC enthusiasts. Having some rope is an essential part of emergency preparedness. There are a number of different bracelets available to suit your needs and choosing the right one is important. Hopefully, you found the perfect bracelet for yourself on this list, or at least now you’re well informed and prepared for worst.